"Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships" Michael Jordan

The Network’s story

The Ultra European Network by Pomilio Blumm was founded in 2013. Over time we have developed our own cross-cultural ecosystem starting from the Mediterranean, a historical pool for multiculturalism, and moving on to a global presence firmly holding the pillars of origin.

We have been actively crossing boundaries and expanding the number of members, becoming the market leader in institutional communication.

We are an extensive, independent and creative ecosystem of over 7000 professionals from 120 countries whose sharings and experiences contribute to developing the essence of its identity.

The UEN is able to develop joint projects in strategic parts of the world using a genuinely transnational perspective. We ensure highly reliable services that are grounded in the principles of localisation and cultural adaptation, which leverage the specific know-how of our partners, as well as our experiences within different national contexts.

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A daring pilot initiative is launched: the Ameen Blumm, in Jeddah, in the complex market of Saudi Arabia, as a nod to a vocation steeped in internationalism.


The Bridge project in Dubai is conceived as the first example of a 100% Made in Italy Network to support companies in expanding into the emerging market of the UAE.


The EuroMediterranean Network is founded as an informal association. It brings together communication professionals throughout Europe, which cooperate when managing complex communication campaigns and exchanging information, best practices and strategic insights. It will soon evolve into the Ultra European Network –one of the first European-based global communication networks.


Pomilio Blumm launches the Ultra European Network. The first European edition of the International Communication Summit (ICS) is held in Brussels. The theme is how to build a relationship of trust between institutions and citizens.


The Network reaches a coverage of 39 Countries.


Pomilio Blumm is awarded the 4-year contract for the provision of pan-European communication and event services for the European Agency for Safety and Health at Work (EU-OSHA).
Effective communication and networking play a key role in achieving EU-OSHA's mission.
The Ultra-European Network fosters EU-OSHA values. Having global coverage, the Network fully covers the 37 countries named in the contract: EU, EEA and candidate countries.
In particular for EU-OSHA - since 2017 - the Network has organised around 850 activities at the pan-European level, developing methodologies, working techniques and setting new standards in the organisation of events, PR and communication activities at a national level.


Pomilio Blumm promotes the foundation of the Ultra European Network which embraces 112 independent communication agencies operating in Europe, Africa and the Middle East.

The UEN is ranked as one of the world's top 3 professional networks within the public relations sector.


Opening of new offices in Vienna, Washington and Brussels.
With the growing role of the EU within the global arena, the UEN proudly boasts 103 offices and over 7200 professional staff, worldwide. The UEN Connect is founded, the first and the largest Meta disclaimer Network in Europe.

What's next?

The UEN Connect is furtherly evolving into a Media Network.
The Network summit becomes an annual event.
The UEN hub is launched.
We keep sharing our know-how, we keep being unique.

Ultra European Network has no comparison, is unique… we are completely and only focused on the relationship between institutions and citizens. Franco Pomilio

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