This summer, Aurum, the Factory of Ideas in Pescara, tucked in the greenery of Mediterranean pines will again host an international crowd of partners guests and experts. Another edition of the Oscar Pomilio Forum will be held there on 6 and 7 July combined also with the second edition of UENet Summit that proved so successful last year. The key speakers at the Forum will be Miguel Maduro, Chair of the Executive Board of the European Digital Media Observatory (EDMO), David McCandless, data journalist and designer, and Italian scholar and Data scientist Walter Quattrociocchi. In a series of speeches, they will take on the burning problem of mis/disinformation bringing their expertise in media, governance, data visualisation and Data Science.

Rapidly advancing technologies constantly change the communication landscape. Today is already yesterday and whoever wants to keep up has to look into tomorrow. Those rules apply also to the ways mis/disinformation populates the media. As demonstrated during the recent and current global security crises the veracity of the information we consume is of fundamental importance. Democratic systems of governance are based on the informed decisions we make. It is not hard to imagine how misinformation or intentional lies can threaten the foundations of our democracy.

After the speeches and discussions, the participants will have a chance to know each other better as well as exchange ideas and contact details. Networking is an invaluable tool for tackling all sorts of problems and is an integral part of the Summit. The previous edition produced some interesting examples of collaboration.